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Tuan Olona LLP

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Our client’s success determines our own, so we ensure both by strong collaboration.

We strive to serve its clients, under one mission, “our success is measured by the successes of our clients.” We work with each of our clients and treat each matter as if TO has a personal stake in the matter. We demand the same level of quality from all members of our legal staff as we require of ourselves, and we mandate that each of our attorneys, whether partner, counsel or associate respond quickly to client inquiries and treat each client, whether a multinational corporation or a small nonprofit organization in the same manner, courteously and professionally.

Our Services

We have offices in New York, Colorado, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Virginia, Hong Kong, Spain, and People’s Republic of China; however our clients are spread throughout the world from exotic metropolises such as Hong Kong, Seville and New York to the upscale suburban communities such as Short Hills, New Jersey. Through our alliances with leading law firms around the world such as So Keung Yip & Sim and Strong Weber, we are able to leverage a wealth of legal talent for all of our clients, and yet maintain an intimate relationship with the client which only a smaller law firm can provide.

We do not believe that our duty is to only resolve legal issues for our clients, but to also provide advice, insight and guidance relying on our considerable experiences in real business situations which we have encountered in our many years of practice.

We also realize that in the recent difficult economic times, companies and individuals are now demanding more from their attorneys without additional expenses. This shift in attitude is correct and long overdue. TO is proud to state that our clients have not had to make such demands, as we took the initiative from the outset to provide the highest level of service and yet doing it in a more efficient and less costly manner.

All of our matters are carefully staffed to avoid overlapping responsibilities and unnecessary billing. Furthermore, we do not gauge the success of our attorneys and support staff by the hours they bill, but by the level of satisfaction they provide our clients. With these guidelines, we remain confident that our clients will be able to obtain a competitive advantage over their competitors by aggressively utilizing our capabilities to achieve their goals.


Our History

Tuan Olona, LLP (“TO”) was established November 2008 by its founding partners, Han-Hsien Tuan and Richard G. Olona. In continuing the tradition of dedication as exemplified by its past practices, TO continues to improve upon its previous commitment to excellence and seek to provide our clients with a more complete level of service in every area of need which they may have.

Whether it is a labor issue at the workplace, a friendly acquisition or merger, a sale/leaseback, an international tax situation, an environmental spill at a commercial site or a recalcitrant tenant or landlord in a commercial lease dispute, our attorneys have the expertise to respond quickly, effectively and efficiently to handle such problems as well as others.

Our Founders

Our founding partners have acquired their early experiences from large law firms with sophisticated practices.

Han-Hsien Tuan was formerly with Haight Gardner Poor & Havens (now Holland & Knight) and Schulte Roth & Zabel.

Richard G. Olona was formerly with Graham & James.

Together, the two founding partners have over fifty years of legal experience.